Harvest Yoga was established over 15 years ago.
The first classes were taught upstairs in a famous pub in Kensington.
It quickly became apparent that cigarette smoke, a karaoke machine and beer-sticky carpets were not ideal for assisting focus in a yoga class at the end of a busy day. We moved into our beautiful light-filled studio soon after.

Our team of experienced and dedicated teachers are informed and inspired by the diverse training and study each has pursued over the years, and by the integrity that many years of yoga practice, study and of teaching brings.

We are passionate about what we teach. 
And we teach and practice mindfully, with care, humour and warmth, and with attention to the ease of every person present.

We present yoga classes at all levels including Early Morning classes, Beginners courses and Hanna Somatics classes. Most of our classes are Open level – which means they are open to all levels of experience, including Beginners.
We aim in our classes to strike a balance between the physical body, the mind and the emotions – through movement, breathing enquiry, relaxation and meditation. Along the way we might discover ways to still the mind and open the heart, leading towards the possibility of leading a more connected, fulfilled and joyful existence.

HY K 0.8


Small, intimate classes.
All welcome.
People often comment that the studio feels like a haven.

One of the loveliest yoga studios anywhere – with its huge, wide, arching edwardian windows, it is a space lit by sunshine flickering through Kensington’s leafy elms.

Carpet, heating, air-conditiong, over head fans.
Everything provided.
All we ask you to bring is openness.

You will be looked after, stimulated and challenged 
…perhaps in unexpected and surprising ways.