7pm Thursday nights
Ongoing classes 
available for casual attendance or with any of our 5 & 10 class yoga passes
COST: casual $25 full price / $22 concession 

To book for either the Saturday morning course or ongoing Thursday night classes, please go to the Cost & Bookings page of the website

The GENTLE movements we explore in HANNA SOMATICS set us up perfectly for any day-to-day activities we both have to do, and those we love to do.

You will learn to re-acquaint yourself with muscles of your body that, when held unconsciously contribute to chronic pain patterns.

If you suffer from pain, from injury, stiffness – or your body just doesn’t seem to be working as ease-fully as you’d like – then this simple practice is for you.

Through gentle, pain free movements you will learn how to move your body with a deep sense of awareness, regaining freedom of movement, improving mobility, strength and co-ordination, improving posture – and eliminating pain. Even people with chronic conditions that cause pain can feel enormous benefits from this work – with just a short amount of practice each day. 


There are now various options for exploring Hanna Somatics at Harvest Yoga:
• There are always Somatic Movements explored in all of Rick’s yoga classes.
• Somatic Movement classes
• Somatic Movement workshops
• Somatic Movement short courses

We are offering the following Winter Introductory Discounts until October this year.

The movements we explore in Hanna Somatics may be very simple. 
They not demanding, but they are very subtle.
There is a profound richness waiting to be discovered within them.
Because of the nature of them, and that we are aiming to make lasting change through these movements by using the brain, they can be elusive and many of us bring our long standing habits into play.
Individual sessions give you the opportunity to fine tune what you’ve learned.
1st session $100 (90 minutes).
$80 for subsequent follow up sessions (60 minutes). 
Discounted packages available for booking a number of sessions.
After each session you will receive detailed written descriptions of the movements tailored to your unique needs. 

CLINICAL SOMATICS SESSIONS are also now available.
These are private sessions, done on a special type of massage table, and are around 60-90 minutes.
A Special Introductory Rate of $70 is on offer. 
Discounted packages available for booking a number of sessions.
Clinical Somatics can assist dramatically with reducing pain. 
I have frequently experienced this for myself. 
They really help to create lasting change.

These clinical somatics sessions can assist dramatically with reducing pain.
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