Hi, I am John, my mission is to share my knowledge with like-minded souls to help them to connect with their body, mind and soul.
My journey started when I was a kid, I found studying and homework easy and boring. Mum wanted me to study harder, but instead I passed my time by gazing at a candlelight. I never knew staring at a candlelight (Trataka) was part of a yogic meditation practice to still the mind (I only began to understand it in my 40s), but I loved it and practiced it daily.

Fast forwarding, as a young man I was trained professionally to become a long-distance runner and a table tennis player, but eventually I chose a team sport and played basketball professionally for many years. I became physically and mentally stronger but also sustained many injuries of which I suffer till today. Yoga is the healing path for my body, keeping me balanced physically, mentally and spiritually.

Through daily Yogic practices, I find my internal comfort. My physical injuries have healed and my body feels comfortable again; my spirit has gone back to its playful nature and my mind understands the power of breath, to breath in, breathe out and to let go and enjoy the world with all its beauty, colours and experiences.

As for my Yoga learning and teaching path, I have been practicing Yoga for more than 10 years, teaching along the way the various styles I have studied over these years. I provide an individual approach to all my students. I began my studies in Bali and continued in India, Rishikesh, and my path has led me to world renowned yoga teacher Matthew Sweeney. I am following Matthew Sweeney’s teaching methods now, a holistic individualised approach according to every student’s physical and emotional capability.

I also have been learning and teaching other modalities including Qigong, energy healing, meditation, basketball coaching, circuit training and boxing. All of these have contributed greatly to my understanding and connection to the body mind and soul.


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