I practice and teach alignment-based vinyasa yoga and yin yoga, pranayama and meditation. I enjoy the strength, spaciousness and inner peace that I experience with a mindful and fluid vinyasa practice. In Yin Yoga, I find deep release and a terrain to cultivate presence and explore being with what is. I aim to live a mindful life and yoga and meditation are support and guide in this direction.

In my classes, I enjoy sharing a fluid practice integrating the principles of body alignment and have an interest in anatomically intelligent asana sequencing. You can expect to move with your breath at a pace that allows you to observe, feel, find stability and space in your body and cultivate presence. My classes include pranayama, relaxation and sometimes a guided meditation. I have also long been passionate about pregnancy and birth and I teach prenatal yoga classes and offer active birth workshops for expecting couples, drawing both on training and personal experience of pregnancy and birth.

I first discovered yoga in the late 90s as a highly committed university student seeking more equilibrium in my life. I found in yoga an empowering practice that brings life to body, heart and mind, and insightful guidance towards greater clarity and authenticity. After completion of a master degree, I travelled for a year in India and South-East Asia. Upon my return from travelling, I worked for over a decade in wetland conservation and national parks planning and policy. I had a satisfying career yet I felt that a whole part of my life was undernourished. The vitality and physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment I experienced with the practice of yoga led me to study yoga in Canada, attend Vipassana retreats and, in 2007, to undertake a 2 year Advanced Diploma of Yoga teaching in Melbourne. I have been inspired by so many others and by my students and feel deeply grateful for all the teachings I have received.

• Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching
• Yin Yoga and anatomy teacher training with Jo Barnett
• Yoga Therapy with Doug Keller
• Anatomy and Yoga Therapy with Martin Kirk
• Yoga Therapy with Tamara James at Yoga Physio
• Anusara Yoga immersions with Julie Smerdon at Shri Yoga
• Various workshops with inspiring teachers, including Clive Sheridan, Noah Maze, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rhumbault, Betsey Downing, Donna Farhi and Paul Wooden


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