Lisa Worley

We are delighted to welcome Lisa Worley who is joining the team at Harvest Yoga and will take on a new beginners course. 

Lisa writes:
I believe yoga nourishes us to our core, bringing balance and integration to all levels of our being – physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. In my classes I like to include a variety of slow and purposeful practices, sometimes when appropriate strong, sometimes not.

I like to focus on alignment, on the breath surrounding the movement, on awareness throughout, meditation, relaxation, pranayama and some occasional chanting. Using these practices to enable us to create an inner space for clarity and bringing us closer to our real self: the place where true self love, peace, belief and joy all reside. I would love for students in my classes to leave feeling more connected to themselves, stronger, happier and more confident in who they are, and in everything they choose to be.

Lisa has loved yoga for many years. She was first introduced to it about 20 years ago when attending classes with Deepa Ebeli. Deepa’s immense knowledge and authentic, passionate and genuinely caring style of sharing all that is yoga has been her foundation in a strong and committed yoga practice. Lisa completed a 2-year Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with the Acadamy of Yoga Learning in 2016. She experienced in this training a wonderfully broad range of amazing teachers across various lineages of yoga,. Lisa Worley’s “other” passion, (other than her daughter and partner) is singing.

She writes:
I have been singing professionally for …… a long time. It has been supported by various other endeavours including being Host for a Children’s TV show, gymnastics coach, aerobics teacher, Telstra operator, waitress, receptionist and a Kindermusik Educator, teaching music, rhythm and movement to newborns through to children around 5 years old. I still sing professionally and my years of experience have included musical theatre, overseas corporate gigs, numerous television performances, jingle work, lots of private and corporate functions, backing vocalist for Merril Bainbridge and Vanessa Amorosi and having some of my own original material recorded and released – one reaching no 2 on the Australian dance charts.


7pm Beginners