Rick Harvest

I don’t have an answer to this any more.
I teach yoga; sometimes gentle and sometimes more dynamic; somatic movement, breath awareness, meditation… My aim? Leading myself, and hopefully sometimes to others, to living with a greater degree of awareness and ease.

I have been practicing yoga on and off since the age of 18; my mother – who 1st attended yoga classes with the legendary teacher Margrit Segesman in the 1960s – took me as a teenager to classes, with the hope that yoga might help with me with the paralysing nerves that always crippled me when I performed in public (I was a pianist). But it wasn’t until quite a few decades later and a number of major career changes that I really discovered and began to explore yoga more seriously. A really stressful job in arts administration took me to that ‘edge’ – which is when I looked through the yellow pages under meditation, and found Gita Yoga around the corner from the Arts Centre where I was working, and began attending classes.

My background includes music, teaching, performing, marketing and arts administration. I have been privileged to work for arts organisations including Opera Australia, National Theatre London, BBC, Victorian Arts Centre & Melbourne Symphony.

I left the Melbourne Symphony in 2000 to study yoga full time – initially at Gita Yoga (which turns out to have been the yoga school my mother had attended decades earlier many).
Since graduating from Gita Yoga, with Lucille Wood and Di Lucas in 2003, I have been incredibly fortunate to study with many other wonderful yoga teachers – most notably with Donna Farhi, Paul Wooden, Judith Lasater, Richard Miller, and in Yoga Therapy with Doug Keller and with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

In recent years I have become very interested in Somatics – in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, learning and teaching to Move without Pain, completing Somatic Movement Education with Martha Peterson, and have just completed Level 4  Clinical Training.

What pulled me in the direction of Somatics in the 1st place was no doubt the fact that I have lived with constant daily back pain myself for most of my adult life. What keeps me studying and teaching Somatics is that so many people who I teach and who I know, live with pain themselves. Somatics is a magical and simple practice that can give us the ability to take some control over this, and to change habitual patterns of movement that perhaps don’t serve us.

As a yoga teacher my aims are to achieve a fluid style, and to integrate the principles of body alignment and movement into the practice. It’s hard to not be passionate about yoga; my own personal experience with depression and anxiety over many years, and living with physical pain since I was very young, has proven to me the power that is open to anyone through a regular and committed practice.


7.00pm Open Somatics
…the movements explored
8.30am Somatics, Yoga & Meditation
…a gentle blend of Hatha Yoga, breath awareness, movement, meditation and relaxation
2.00pm Sunday Arvo Blissout