In her teaching Sally seeks to find a balance between dynamic standing poses, energising backbends and twists, calming forward bends and resting postures.

No straining or struggling to achieve a pose, but rather working with the breath to find right effort (not too much, not too little). She has spent the past year revisiting Iyengar Yoga and brings the energy of this practice and precision of alignment to her classes. As a student of the Alexander Technique for many years Sally’s yoga practice, while strong, is always informed by mindfulness and body awareness.

Yoga with meditation and pranayama.

• IYTA Teacher Training (International Yoga Teachers’ Association)
• MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Release)
• Neuro-Plasticity Training workshop with Rick Hansen
• Alexander Technique workshops with Cathy Madden, David Moore and Vivian Mackie
• Alexander Technique Yoga workshops and classes with David Moore and Kate Morris
• Workshops and professional development with Donna Fahri, Richard Miller, Paul Wooden, David Burgess, Martha Peterson and Jillian Planski at Kripalu, USA

Sally 2

Open Yoga
Monday 6pm
Saturday 8am