Monthly SUNDAYS 
classes not running at present
they will resume later this year

with Rick

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Sunday afternoon workshops.  We show you ways of how to soften and let go of stress, to unwind, and point you in the direction of learning how to deeply heal yourself. Along the way you might learn that it’s not necessary to get relentlessly caught up in the hectic demands of modern life, as you stop for a few short hours, breath and feel.

These 3-hour workshops include Hanna Somatics, Breath awareness, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxation – so they’re a wonderful opportunity to unwind, to let go, to unravel stress that seems to pile up. All of these practices are aimed at putting us in touch with ourselves, with what lies underneath the surface.

COST: $75 full price / $70 concession and early bird discount* (and for current Harvest Yoga pass holders)
*early bird discount applies to payments received 1 week prior to Blissout date.

These workshops are not covered by yoga class passes.

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