harvest yoga workshops

    Monthly 3-hour workshops
    with Rick Harvest

    23/7; 20/8; 17/9; 22/10; 19/11; 17/12.

    “Beam me up, Scotty” – most of us are familiar with these words from Startrek.
    Whilst we can’t literally beam you up to bliss in these deep healing Sunday afternoon workshops – we can show you ways of learning how to soften and let go of stress, unwind, and point you in the direction of learning how to deeply heal yourself. Along the way you might learn that it’s not necessary to get relentlessly caught up in the hectic demands of modern life as you stop for a few short hours, breath and feel

    These 3-hour workshops will include Hanna Somatics, Breath awareness, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, and iRest – so they’re a wonderful opportunity to unwind, to let go, and to unravel some of those stresses that seem to pile up on our shoulders. Rick has studied with some of the most renowned teachers in the world today – Richard Miller, Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi and Martha Peterson.
    All of the practices we explore in these workshops are directly aimed at putting us in touch with ourself, with what lies underneath the surface. 

    COST: $70 full price / $60 concession* (and for current Harvest Yoga students)
    *concession applies to full time students, pensioners, unemployed
    These workshops are not covered by yoga passes

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