starts Wednesday 2 January
with Rick 

Wednesday 2/1, Thursday 3/1, Friday 4/1
Monday 7/1, Tuesday 8/1, Wednesday 9/1, Thursday 10/1, Friday 11/1
Options for attending casually, 3, 5 or all 8 classes  

Casual $25 / $22
3 class  $ 70 / $66
5 class  $110 / $105
All 8 classes $160 / $ 152

Not covered by yoga passes
Suitable for everyone – from beginners to experienced students

What better way to start 2019 than with a gentle yoga intensive!
This intensive will include Somatics, Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation
We will begin gently. Each day will build on the previous classes with the aim that you can observe yourself first hand gaining in strength, flexibility and ease. 
I often reflect on how many of us actually feel comfortable and at ease in our own skin. Do you inhabit your body fully and easefully? This will be the theme of this intensive.

Gentle Somatic movements and yoga help release muscle tension, stiffness, pain and tightness, assisting Neuro Muscular connections between the brain and the body; Relaxation and Meditation guide us to ‘integrate’ these processes more fully.

Early Morning Intensive. CASUAL CLASS.

Early Morning Intensive. 3 CLASS PASS