• MONDAY at 7.30pm
    SATURDAY at midday ***new class***
    In the 10-week beginners courses we explore the fundamentals of yoga.
    We look at the basic principles of the breath & cover all the most commonly practiced seated, standing and lying postures.
    We then move on to more structured sequences incorporating the breath – including sun salutations – and build on our already established asana foundations to explore variations & related postures.
    Suitable for complete beginners or those with some yoga experience wanting to get back into a regular practice.
    Some students are impatient to move on to OPEN level classes; others like to attend a number of these courses; the choice is yours. [ read more ]

  • Most of our classes are OPEN level. This means they are open to all levels of experience including Beginners.

    [ read more ]

  • The aim of these 75 minute classes is to deepen our practice by devoting more time to pranayama and meditation. Strong but balanced with calming poses. (You will be encouraged to find your right effort.) Feel calm, stretched, focused, connected and centred. [ read more ]

    Becoming a mother is an amazing journey, bringing with it many physical and emotional changes.
    There are many steps on this journey – and our pre natal yoga classes provide tools, empowerment, knowledge, support and skills to allow women to rise to the challenges, indulge in the joys, and connect with their growing baby in a supportive, safe haven, away from the busyness of everyday life.
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    Our Mums ’N Bubs classes offer gentle yoga practices to ease aches and pains and aid in the recovery from birth; relaxation techniques to reduce fatigue; baby yoga and massage incorporating settling techniques that include babies and enhance bonding. Classes are baby friendly; if you need to stop to feed, change or settle your baby, we work around those inevitable interruptions. [ read more ]

  • Thursday night and Saturday morning classes are currently not running
    We hope to resume in mid December

    Does NO PAIN, NO GAIN make you shudder?
    How about NO PAIN – ALL GAIN?
    Somatics in the tradition of Thomas Hanna – a different way of releasing tired muscles & bodies.

    In these classes you will learn to re-acquaint yourself with muscles of your body what when held unconciously – something all of us do – contribute to chronic pain patterns.
    We usually assume that this is a NORMAL & inevitable result of ageing.
    Through gentle, pain free movements you will learn how to move your body with a deep sense of awareness, regaining freedom of movement, improving mobility, strength & co-ordination., improving posture – & eliminating pain. [ read more ]

    These monthly classes feel like mini day retreats – all in just two hours.
    They include somatics, yoga, breath work, relaxation, meditation, and restorative yoga.
    OPEN level – suitable for all levels of experience, including beginners and pre natal students.
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